This course is very difficult and massively require textbooks for guidance. The lecturer himself is useless and wasteful of time to talk/argue about your assessment as he never show you the solutions and persist your answers are wrong. By the way, the lecturer will also be your tutor who just repeat the answers in his very own script toward the blackbroad,and failure to deliver the explanations to his student, while he speak less. The labs overall are just OK, but they are hardly co-ordinate with the lectures, and seems waste of time to work with as the lab sheets are very out of date.

The exam is also very difficult, as the lecturer will not hand out any past exam paper plus solution to you, as he persist the questions will be almost the similar as the tutorials which turn out not the similar, but more difficult.

Overall, this course is just a electives, so I personally disagree to work with this course unless you are out of options to do electives.