Conceptual Design Edit

Functional Description Edit

This stage of the amplifier takes the amplified voltage signal from the preamp and amplifies the current to a level suitable to drive a loud speaker

Block Diagram and Description Edit

This can include a block diagram, a transfer function/pole zero diagram and a description of any diagrams.

Design Parameters Edit

This should include as much information as possible. These parameters will be a combination of both restrictions placed upon the designer by other parts of the circuit, and properties of your block for the benefit of those designing blocks adjacent to yours.

Input Parameters Edit

Output Parameters Edit

Transfer Parameters Edit

Design Implementation Edit

The details of on-going design should be maintained here.

Circuit Diagram and Description Edit

Performance Testing Edit

In this section, the completed circuit should be tested to see how well it conforms to the given design parameters. Any other pertinent information should be included also.

Input Parameters Edit

Output Parameters Edit

Transfer Parameters Edit


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